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Is Rat Feces Dangerous to Touch or Inhale?

This is one of those kinds of questions that begins with a little common sense. There is a much more in depth answer that explains his more thoroughly, but all questions of this nature begin by asking yourself a common sense question first. Frequently we are asked questions like this. As professionals involved with wild Fort Myers animals, people want to know if the feces of rats is dangerous for them to touch or breathe in at all. So let’s begin with the common sense answer first.

Would you touch any kind of feces willingly? Think about this for a moment. You don’t want to touch dog feces, human feces, cat feces, or any other Fort Myers animal’s feces for that matter. There is something in your head that just tells you that you cannot do, should not do it, and have no reason to do it. This is just common sense.

Ask yourself now why you would not touch dog or human feces. Besides it being gross, this is waste. This is stuff the body did not want so it got rid of it. Doesn’t sound like something you would want to be touching does it? Of course not! The common sense part of you understands that this is something to avoid. Now let’s turn to Florida rat feces. Is there any reason to believe that this waste is any less gross? Rats eat just about anything and will live just about anywhere. Just imagine what kinds of things are coming out of that Fort Myers rat that is waste. Pretty disgusting thought isn’t it? Your brain says that you should not touch any kind of animal waste, and it is time that you listen to that. Touching the waste of another animal is just not a good idea.

There are other reasons that are related to your health that must be considered as to why you need to avoid Fort Myers rat feces. Rats carry a large number of bacteria and parasites that pose a great risk to you. This can be passed to you by simply touching the feces with your bare hand, or even by breathing. If you are sweeping and you cause the parasites and bacteria to get airborne in the dust cloud that forms you can easily find yourself sick. You need to be careful around any Florida animal’s feces, and the rat is no different. Make sure you cover your mouth and nasal passage, and wear gloves. This should keep your safe.

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