I'm sorry, we no longer list example prices here, because every job is very different. Your best option is to call us at 239-443-5097 and describe your problem, and we can give you a price estimate over the phone.

If you want to know why we’re the best people to remove that pest you have in your own, this is why - we strive to keep up-to-date with all the latest training methods, and we also make sure we go to all the seminars the industry has to offer. Finally, and probably more importantly, we like to use all the latest technology when it comes to wildlife control equipment. Why? Because that, combined with the ten years of experience we have under our belts, has helped us to become the number one pest removal company in the metropolitan area. And that was for three years in a row too. We offer our services in both residential and commercial properties, it doesn’t matter what the job is, or how many animals there are, we have the tools to get the job done, and we’ll do it all with a smile on our faces too. We really do love the work we do. We like to think it shows in the work and service we provide - how does #1 pest control company in the metro area for not just one year, but three years running sound? It’s because our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by friendly, polite and fully-trained phone staff. Give us a call for more information today.