What Should I do Aabout Pigeons in My Chimney?

It is not uncommon for Fort Myers pigeons to fall and get trapped inside chimneys. A great majority of homeowners have to deal with these kinds of problems and they seek solutions for getting the best kinds of results. You actually have to be very much careful otherwise because the life of bird is at stake and it will never be decent to allow it to die like this. Normally pigeon that falls in chimney is going to end in smoke shelf that is a structure inserted in the chimney for preventing rain from reaching fire. Pigeons are going to end there. It will not be wrong to mention that a Florida pigeon stuck inside your chimney will be totally under your control and it is upon you now to save its life. If you don’t know that how this situation should be handled, then below we will discuss some important points which can be taken as prominent suggestions for dealing with such issues.

For Florida pigeons it is extremely difficult to fly back upwards in a vertical manner, but they can easily fly in the downward direction. Normally these creatures prefer to fly towards in the direction of light so you should start by emptying fireplace and shinning light so that pigeon can get attracted towards light and start to fly in the downward direction. In situations where pigeon fails to fly in the downward direction you can help it by using reach grabber that should be of large size. It can be a great help if Fort Myers pigeon is present within your range of sight.

It is generally recommended by the experts that in situations where you find it difficult to remove the bird help should be taken from relevant authorities or departments which have been designed for the protection of Fort Myers animals and birds. Once the bird gets out of your chimney it will act in a confused manner you need to be mature and throw a towel on bird after this gently hold the bird in your hand release it outside. In case the bird has sustained an injury, then before releasing you will have to provide the necessary medical attention to it. Another, important point to mention here is that in situations where it gets difficult to reach the bird by any means you will have to be extremely careful and a small hole should be made for safe removal of the Florida bird.

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