Fort Myers Wildlife and Animal Removal

Do Wild Animals in an Attic Damage Insulation?

When you think about the potential damage that Fort Myers animals can bring about in your attic, damage to the insulation may not immediately come to mind. You will probably be more concerned about chewed wires and urine staining your belongings. However, if you find one or more animals in your attic, you will frequently discover that the installation will have to be repaired or completely replaced due to the animals’ feces, urine and living habits destroying the material. Read on to find out more about how Florida animals can damage your attic and what you can do if you are faced with this problem.

Animals in an attic cause problems such as:
- Pooping and urinating inside the insulation
- Food debris due to the nesting
- A foul odor as many wildlife members settle there
- Mold and bacteria growth as the place gets contaminated
- Parasites and roundworms

When the insulation in your attic is damaged by wild Fort Myers animals, it is important to clean the mess up using several steps:
1. Vacuum the feces
Animal droppings, whether small or large, may be removed by hand, but when there are thousands of them in the attic, it gets to be a hassle to do it. On many surfaces, the droppings get dried and these need to be vacuumed. However, when the area is already covered with a mess, then the insulation has to be replaced because a vacuum won’t do the job.

2. Fogging
After the removal of droppings is done, it is time to fog the attic to remove any waste. There are grease and oils, not to mention the thick debris that allow mold to grow. Fogging eliminates the scent that actually invites other Fort Myers wildlife to come in.

If you discover that you have one or more Florida animals inhabiting your attic, you will most likely find that there has been some kind of damage done to your insulation. Be very careful when repairing or replacing insulation because it will probably have animal feces in it that can carry multiple diseases that can be passed on to humans through contact. This is another reason why replacing the insulation is often preferred to repairing it. You don’t want to take the chance of having any lingering health risks in your attic after you get rid of the Fort Myers animals and disinfect the area.

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