An Armadillo's Natural Diet

Armadillos thrive in the temperate and the warm Florida habitats and this includes the semi deserts, grasslands and rainforests. They have a low metabolic rate and they don’t have fat stores and this is something that makes them hate the cold. The spates of any intemperate weather can actually wipe them out and so they require stability at all times. Many of the Fort Myers species will usually dig burrows and they will sleep n prolifically up to some 16 hours in a day.

They love to forage in the early mornings and the evening looking for termites, ants and beetles as well as other kinds of Florida insects. Their eyesight isn’t that good and they therefore have to utilize the irvery keen sense of smell so as to hunt successfully. They have strong legs and front claws that are huge so as to dig.

They have sticky and long tongues that are utilized forthe extraction of termites and ants from tunnels. Apart from the bugs, these animals will also eat some of the small vertebrates, grits and plants too. There is also the occasional meal of carrion. So far as the wild Fort Myers animals are concerned, we all are not comfortable to have them at home as neither a pet nor we want them near about us anyway. This is just because of many common reasons. The entire diet of a Florida armadillo wills mainlyconsist of different insects but they do have their own personal favorites as indicated above. They get their food by digging. If they find their way into your yard or garden, the damage will be so apparent when day breaks. You may find that that level and pristine yard has been totally turned to something else. They do this as they look for insects to eat under your plants and the entire yard.

Broader diet aspect
Since theFlorida animal made its way to the USA, the horizons with regard to diet have expanded. Today, the diet of the armadillo actually does include 500 food types. They are also among the few predators of fire ant. The armadillo is also known to adapt to the feeding on a diet that is vegetarian. This is actuallybadnews to anyone who is growing plants or shrubs in their garden or yard. In some instances, the Fort Myers armadillo can kill young cottontail rabbits and they eat them too. There are some species that also eat eggs and young birds.

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